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Magic 21

Magic 21 -
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Astrology Sites

[Amazing Site]
Easyscopes - has links to most sites classified by sign & period (daily/weekly/monthly)
[Amazing Site] Astroadvice - gives free personalized horoscopes & other services
Swoon delivers daily e-mail horoscopes free

SpiritWeb Networks, Sites and Mailing-Lists and more !
The Zodiacal Zephyr Astrological Resources
National Council for Geocosmic Research
AdZe MiXXe
INDOlink Astrology
BDD Horoscopes
Jonathan Cainer's Daily Forecasts (UK)
Interactive Horoscopes by Matrix Software
Angel Star
SpiritLink Channel
! Astrology Online - Astrology MEGASITE! Horscopes,birthcharts,zodiac explainations and more

Prediction by Name

What's in YOUR Name demonstration analysis


Numerology: I've Got Your Number!
Personal Day Introduction

Vedic Astrology

The Vedic Astrology Home Page
Vedic Astology Resources
Astrology Magazine
IndiaWebPost: Astrology

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