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Book Links

Now there's no need to go to to buy books - not when U get books free at the following sites:
The Gutenberg Project
Science Fiction Resource Guide
Electronic books, magazines and on-line documentation
Classics in trans. (Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid)
Books at Bell Labs
Bartleby (Columbia U.)
PEAL -- U. of Penn., Dept. of English
The Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia
Philosophy (at U. of Idaho)
Oxford Archive
French texts (ABU) Web server
Richard Bear
Cervantes in Spanish
Kalevala (Finnish national epic)
Project Libellus (Latin)
Children's Literature Web Guide
Runeberg Project (Sweden)
Savetz' Unofficial Internet Public Domain Index (pointers to other
On-Line Books Page
The Universal Library
National Academy Press
CMU Antique Books
CMU Classics
CMU Online Books Page
List of On-Line literature
The On-line Books
Alex: A Catalogue of Electronic Texts on the Internet
CONTENTIOUS: Web-zine for writers and editors who create content for online media
Free electronic books
Cara's Free Fiction Site

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Last modified on July 22 1998