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Popular Search Engines

[Amazing Site!] Yahoo The most popular search engine on the Web (atleast where I live :) ) and rightly so with well classified subject tree listings
[Amazing Site!] Starting Point A good place to begin the day
[Amazing Site!] DogPile Collates results from most of the important engines
[Amazing Site!] Altavista
[Amazing Site!] DejaNews

I Find . An "intelligent massively fast parallel" web searcher!!
Argus Clearinghouse Excellent for searching broad subject areas.
Liszt Another newsgroup searcher ?
[ SavvySearch ][ MetaCrawler ][ Lycos ][ excite ][ InfoSeek ][ WebCrawler ][ HotBot ][ OpenText ][ LinkStar ][ Galaxy ][ AliWeb ][ NLightN ][ The Internet Sleuth ][ Magellan ][ Search ][Image Surfer ][FindLink ][Global Online Directory ][Hotlava ][I-Explorer ][Infohiway ][LookSmart (Reader's Digest) ][Orb ]

If U'r searching for information about which most people on the net are interested (like viruses) I'd recommend the following sites.
[ ][ ][LISCO Home Page ]
IBM InfoMarket Search
W3 Search Engines
US GovBot Databases
Mother-of-All BBS (WAIS client/gateway required)
CityScape Global On-line Directory
CUI World Wide Web Catalog
Forum One Guide to over 34,000 Online Forum Discussions on the Web
NetMall Directory of Internet-based businesses
RBSE's URL Database Search WWW document full text
Tribal Voice Internet Trailblazer Search
Ultraseek New search engine from Infoseek
Wandex net.Genesis Wanderer Index
WWW Worm
YPN - Your Personal Network Search over 30,000 reviews of online service and Internet sites

People Search

Who's Who on the Internet Directory of personal home pages
411 Locate Locate a Web site or email address by a phone number
Ahoy! Searches for people's personal homepages
MIT Usenet Address Database
Harvest Broker |PersonalSeek Big Book Business Yellow Pages for the USA.
Yellow PagesBusiness phone numbers at your fingertips.
800 Toll-Free Directory.
InfoSpace ."The Most Comprehensive Directory"
|HumanSearch |Switchboard |Four11 |People Finder |GateWay to ALL of Internet

File Search

InfoSeek should be all U need !
MIT Usenet FAQS The one-stop FAQ shop.
[ ][ZDNet ][Jumbo! ][FTP Search ][Simtel ][Freeware Central ][OAK Software Repository ][The Software Shak ][The Software Site--Windows Games ][The WinSite Archive ]
Servile Software Home Page
PC Computing: 1001 Best Free Downloads
Top 10 Sites - Freeware & Shareware
HENSA Unix Archive
Mark's Files
My Virtual Reference Desk - Free Stuff
Programmer's Virtual Library
Ralf Brown's Interrupt List
Filez software search
Shareware Author Index

Simultaneous Search Simultaneous search of 10 engines w/ results scored and ranked
HotDog Collates results from most of thr important engines

Subject Tree Search

Librarian's Index to the Internet
Atlas of the World Wide Web
Beyond the Black Stump


MIT Faqs The one-stop FAQ shop.
Health FAQS
FAQ's How to Find Them
Libweb - Library WWW Servers


Connected: An Internet Encyclopedia
Internet Traffic Report
1995 CIA World Factbook
Britannica Online - 7-day free trial
Britannica Sampler - allows you to search the entire database of Britannica Online and review hitlists (article or section titles) relevant to your query. While access to full articles is available to subscribers only, the Sampler provides some context by showing the first paragraphs with the titles on the hitlists.
Catholic Encyclopedia,
COGNITO - Library for Family Reference
Encyclopedia Mythica
Encyclopedia of Conspiracies
Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Encyclopedia of Women's History
Encyclopedia Smithsonian
Eyewitness Encyclopedia of Science
FAQ Finder - Comprehensive guide to over 1800 FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions lists) available on the Internet, arranged by category.
FAQs for Newsgroups - Current FAQs for USENET groups available at Oxford University. You can browse by category or by newsgroup, or search the full text of the FAQ archive
Fairy Tale Encyclopedia
Financial Encyclopedia
FindOut - research service; free answers via email to first 100 questions
Free Internet Encyclopedia
Gardener Encyclopedia - Time Life - searchable database contains almost 3,000 species selected for general use in North American horticultural practice.
Global Encyclopedia
Grolier Online
Home Improvement Encyclopedia - Better Homes and Gardens
International Financial Encyclopedia
Internet Answers Collection, The - A collection of all FAQs posted to the USENET group news.answers. This is a good place to look for information on just about any subject. Available as an alphabetical listing or by newsgroup
Knowledge Adventure Encyclopedia - bugs, dinosaurs, space -- you name it! Plus interesting information that can also help with your homework. - the ability utility
Virtual Encyclopedia
News.Answers WWW Archive, The
Panic Encyclopedia - The Definitive Guide to the Postmodern Scene
Regulatory Fish Encyclopedia - US FDA / Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition
Satellite's Encyclopedia, The
TechWeb Technology Encyclopedia - Over 10,000 definitions to technological terms and concepts.
VetPedia - everything you need to know about your cat or dog
Webliography: A Guide to Internet Resources - From LSU Virtual Library, a well annotated hierarchical guide to resources available on the Internet, covering a broad range of topics from government to science to humanities.
WWW news.answers archive - The Usenet newsgroup news.answers is a repository for periodic informational postings (also called Frequently Asked Questions postings, or FAQs) from other newsgroups
World Encyclopedia - with Anthems, Flags, Maps, and the Nations of the World
Incredibly Useful Sites: Reference

Other Crazy Ideas

What's New Too! Search new web announcements -- over 700 a day
Tech Classics Archive has about 375 works by 30 authors in English and translated and is supported by a search engine.
searchenginethat looks exclusively for information related tothe 1980s! (Arts:Humanities:History:American History:20th
Free Auto Registration of Web Sites
Sooner Scientific Search Engine
Electric Library The Electric Library is a complete archive of over 1,000 publications wih search engine

Review Sites & Searches

Yanoff's Internet Services List
The Internet TOURBUS Home Page
Scout Report Scouting new sites.
Cool Site
Rank Link Lists the most popular and best quality web sites relevant to your query
OneKey Smart Search Family-oriented resource library and database of reviewed web sites
JumpCity Database of Web Site reviews
NetGuide Live Over 50,000 web sites reviewed and rated by NetGuide Magazine
IWeb URL Review Database Database of Web site reviews
Thunderstone Webbie Awards
Weblynx Top 5 Sites of the Week
GeoCities Cool Homestead Page of the Day
Lynx Of The Week List
The Best of the Internet
Stranger Than Fiction
Blazin' Bookmark
The Bottom Five Percent
Webbie Awards
Internet Learning Center's Page du Jour

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